By: Maemuna Sadaf

Hate is an emotion developed from a strong negative opinion against anyone due to ethical, religious, economic, or social differences existing in society. The non-acceptance of these differences leads to hatred among people of different groups. People declare dislike or negativity according to their own perceptions.

Psychologically speaking, people feel it easy to scapegoat than confront their own role in the failure. Personal fears and insecurities make them hate successful people around them. To attract the attention of the masses and confront loneliness, people start gossiping negatively and develop hatred against the newcomer in the social group.

Concluding more! Developing negative emotions against someone and scapegoating, keeps you away from striving towards success and happiness. Giving attention to your own self and developing a positive approach polishes your character in society. Whereas gossiping negatively about anyone gives you attention for a while but it ruins your character in the long run. On the other hand, Facing your fears, insecurities, and dealing with conflicts is easier and worth your own personality rather than developing hatred against others. Indeed, hate keeps you busy thinking and values someone you do not like.

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