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The World Incorporated

Review: The World Incorporated
Standing in future, living in present, you are reading “The World Incorporated”. In the novel “The World Incorporated” there are no boundaries, no governments, the whole world is one. Previously, the world was about to an end because of destruction caused by the poor handling of the economy. The said organization was one of the five corporations, practically ruling the world.

Super corporations take care of the need of people and kill those who stand against them. People have not to be worried about food, accommodations etc. Every character has been provided by a nickname. The hero of this novel is named, Agent Silver. The whole novel revolves around his mission and after myths of the mission. Silver was his nickname, he has forgotten his original name. He was an operative of the organization named “The World Incorporated.int”. He was not allowed to interact with other human beings. Agent Silver has advanced weaponry skills and an airship named “Chrome Wind”. The complete data of his mission is fed in the sophisticated computer, named Salis.

Silver remained a ruthless killer and his job was to eliminate those who act against “The world, incorporated.” In North America, Silver’s first encounter was a man holding a shotgun facing towards him criticizing and yelling at the people of “Super Corporation”. He has no interest in the topography of the area, but he is interested in the accomplishment of the mission. He kills the old man and took the victim’s daughter who survived in an attack. He forgets every fear, even the fear of his life. Even sophisticated computer, taking care for his airship and guiding him regarding his mission, alarms him for not keeping a passenger along with him.

Beside Silver’s job requirement, some strange feelings arise in his heart for the girl. Later on, he feels guilty for killing a lot of people. In the fourth chapter, the developments in the form of newspaper cuttings have been written.

The fourth chapter of “The world incorporated” consists of press releases and letters of the authorities showing the development of the world’s governments and management. Later on in successive chapters, the girl helps Agent silver to know his identity.
Concluding more! In the book “World Incorporated” The author “Tom Garrifo” nicely portrayed every scene. You will be indulged reading till the last line. The author has a strong grip on the topic. Each and Every movement, an event is depicted in detail. The complete details of the scenery and topography bring anyone feels standing in the area. On the whole, this can be considered as futuristic, science fiction. I highly appreciate Tom Garrifo for such a nice and inspiring effort.

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