By: Maemuna Sadaf

In ancient times, the war was fought one to one.Later on, arms like bow arrow, shaft, guns, and booms were developed respectively. After World War II, the means of war changed from time to time. Today in the age of artificial intelligence, the war is fought by winning the enemy psychologically before the win on the ground because it is much easier to win the war when one has psychological victory over the other.

Pakistan is far better than India in terms of arms and ammunition. Pakistan is also blessed with the world’s best security institutions like Pakistan defense forces and ISI. On the information front, an institution like InterServicesPublicRelations (ISPR) is also performing its duties vigilantly.  ISPR keeps the public of Pakistan and the world about on-ground realities about military actions and information. The news and broadcasts by ISPR are authentic and reliable. In times of broader tensions, ISPR proved itself as the most reliable media for the whole world. India used to claim the damages and surgical strikes being conducted within Pakistan. The diplomatic visits to the sites were also arranged by Director General ISPR. The coordination of ISPR with International media is also substantial. Even the Indian security forces chief has applauded ISPR for its services.

On the other hand, India being an all-season antagonist neighbor keeps on spreading fake news regarding Pakistan. Indian media keeps on breaking news which is more likely imaginative and self-created.In one of the news on aired by NDTV, Vinest Agarwal Sharda, a BJP leader said Pakistan and China would have released poisonous gases to pollute the air of India. Previously, India used to blame Pakistan security forces for send spy pigeons, balloons, etc.

Free PressJournal broke the news that reportedly, two Indian soldiers were also arrested from Jodhpur railway station for sharing curial information with a Pakistan-based ISI woman. This news was broke to defend India’s narrative regarding Pakistan and ISI.India keeps on dirge that Pakistan is sponsoring terrorism in it.It is trying to isolate Pakistan internationally by calling it breeders and heaven for terrorists. In fact, India has sponsored terrorism and anti-nationalist movements in its neighboring countries, especially in Pakistan. India’s proof of state-sponsored terrorism in Pakistan “Kalbushan Yadav” is alive and in Pakistan’s custody.Kalbushan Yadav, the Indian spy, in his confession, accepted being the mastermind of most of the terrorist attacks across Pakistan. The wicked face of India is exposed in front of the world.

Writing more! Lt General H S Panag in his article wrote that Pakistan may use social media spyware to access sensitive information from its army officials.Indian Army has advised its officers holding critical posts to deactivate their Facebook accounts and avoid any official communication on WhatsApp.Not only has this, but New Dehli also used to spin any news to the narrative suitsit.

Discussing more! A European NGO (EU Disinfo lab) deflated India’s propaganda by exposing an unearthed network of fake news being run from New Dehli. To influence the European Union and the United Nations India is using a network of 265 fake news websites working in 65 countries. The agenda of these fake sites is to spread news and information against Pakistan. Reportedly, this network has the complete support of the Indian Government and other institutions. Along with these sites, a lot of active fake social media accounts are run by Indians. Hence, India is waging a cyber war against Pakistan.

Concluding more! Indian obsession with Pakistan and China has no bounds and virtually every worst situation is been linked with neighboring countries especially with Pakistan. On the other hand, India is using fake websites to spread wrong information and news against Pakistan. India is actually playing its double role to create unrest among the Pakistani nation through misinformation. Pakistani people should remain careful regarding this propaganda news and information.

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