A researcher must hold the qualities given below

  • An Analytical mind

A researcher should be open to explore different explanations and outcomes. He should be open minded and easily accepts failures or criticism.

  • A people person

To be a good researcher, one needs to be a people person. He should have no problem in collaborating with others.

  • The ability to stay calm

To study, from concept to publication should have an understanding of cognitive bias.

  • Intelligence/ Intellect

To be a researcher, along with hard work one should be intelligent enough to work.  Hard work when combines intelligence, it is helpful in achieving goal.

  • Curiosity


A researcher should be curious about the affects of their study on their surroundings. Plus he should be curious about what other researchers are doing and what is the industry updates.

  • Commitment

To be a good researcher, he should be committed to the work. He should be able to question and consider how they might to answer. This process needs creativity.  Understanding of scientific knowledge and relevant statistic is necessary.

  • Verbal and written skills

Excellent verbal and written communication skills are required for an efficient researcher. The positive interaction and cooperation among research team members can enhance the discovery experience. To excel in research career one needs to be an excellent writer, an adequate speaker. You need to communicate your work and the worth of research.

  • Sympathy

Having a sympethic  ear when listening to some respondent, moans and groans is always a good skill to have. (Liz Brierley)

A researcher should be willing to explain and teach others. Research without application and dissemination is meaningless

  • Systematic

Attention to detail, the ability to ensure that data is accurately presented and reported (Anthony Shephard)

  • Efficiency

Being competent researcher, he should attain maximum knowledge of his field.

  • Focus

One should have focus on the relevant research to get achieve his goal. A distorted mind cannot achieve his goals.

  • Leadership

A researcher must have leadership qualities as if he is working in a group , he should be able

In a productive and enthusiastic work atmosphere, the above mentioned qualities add to successful scientific research.

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