Material for Self-Healing Smartphones

Roused by Wolverine, a definitive self-recuperating saint, a specialist has made a self-mending polymer that behaviors power. This material may one day be utilized as a part of cell phones that can repair themselves.  WOLVERINE-Roused MATERIAL A scientist motivated by ...

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Dreams The dreams have plants, lake …in which water moves are calm ….the beauty of greenery is fascination. By : Maemuna Sadaf    

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The life

Imagine the life The thinking amalgamated three colors together. The red :  Love The black: Demons The White:  Sincerity The Sincerity and love when together can create a beautiful blue tree of life. The more the white the more you ...

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Golf City Islamabad…

Golf  City ….truely a piece of paradise on EarthThe scene of  Beautiful “Golf City Islamabad” Painted by Maemuna Sadaf

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North Korea gives researchers a chance to look inside unsafe well of lava .

Mount Paektu (additionally called Changbaishan) straddles the fringe in the middle of China and North Korea. An uncommon coordinated effort between North Korean and Western researchers has examined the ground underneath a perilous spring of gushing lava on the Chinese–Korean outskirt. ...

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پلک بسیرا کی تقریب رونمائی رسائل و جرائد میں

Takbeer International Karachi 1st to 7th june 2017   Ausaf Report 12 June 2017   92 NEWS Buy this book online Contact # 03420509501 or National Book Foundation, Islamabad Academy of letters, Islamabad Saeed Book, Islamabad Idrees Book Bank, ...

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Over the previous decades, fossil powers have turned into the foundation of the world’s businesses. They have additionally been the main source of man-rolled out atmosphere improvement. Luckily, things are starting to change, as fossil energizes are on the decay ...

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Moharram Ul Haram and Terrorism

By: Maemuna Sadaf Moharram is the first month of Hijri calendar. In this month the huge tragedy of “Karbala” and “Shahadat e Imam Hussain” was happened. Muslims all over the world respect this month and observe special prayers. On 10th ...

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Greater Afghanistan, Manzoor Pashteen and Pakistan

By: Maemuna Sadaf   The map of the Greater Afghanistan movement or “Loy Afghanistan Tehreek” is Afghanistan shows Baluchistan and some areas of KPK as its part. This map has been issued in the past. Now a new map, calendar, ...

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More Viable than Pain killers: Blue Lotus Eases muscle fits, headaches, and tinnitus

Blue lotus (nymphaea caerulea), otherwise called the Egyptian water lily, is a blossoming water-lily local to Egypt yet might be discovered developing in different parts of the world. The Blue Lotus bloom is utilized as a guide for some illnesses and ...

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