Review: McDewll By William H.Coles

The Novel McDewll by William H Coles is a well written novel. Reading along the novel takes you to the real world of behaviors, confrontations, politics and human natures. The main character Hiram is behaving cleverly across the novel. It shows the writer’s grip on what he is portraying is conveyed nicely.

Being a researcher and a traveler Hiram has had other quality of selfishness. Michael and Hiram were friends at the first, lately cold war started between them. Michael used Denise, a researcher and employee of Hiram against him as witness of his involvement in hiding data from publishing. This caused deaths and injuries.

In the personal life Hiram faced issues with his wife. He is least caring about her wife. His attitude converted his married life into night mare. He is hard working, helping for his family but not wife. He is helping and caring for her daughter.

The novel predicts the culture and behavior of Citizens of United states. It also shows scenery and culture of other places Nepal, Katmando, 

Hiram daughter Sophie adopts profession of a photographer.  Hiram extent his financial as well as moral help to his daughter. She visits the Far East Counties. She pictures girls with goats, rituals, funeral ceremonies, and wedding ceremonies. Her task is to bring women living in back ward conditions into public. Sophie was feeling happy as she covers the ceremonies where as her brother Billie became interested in the Girl named Shiristi. Shiristi helped them as an assistant. Billie hated taking risks where as Sophie was passionate about her task.

 The life of Hiram and his family is a true prediction of the western culture and behavior. Hiram run an NGO. This Ngo was founded to help and provide health care to the deprived and poor people. His NGO was run on funds collected by common people. On the other hand, it was working internationally. The question of usage of funds rose. Journalists visit Hiram’s foundation working in Kathmandu to praise Hiram and his work. Hiram loves hiking and spends a lot of money on climbing expeditions.

McDewll novel is true prediction of one’s life. Hiram sees peak of his career as well as imprisonment and charges. Hiram is so sharp and quick witted that he knows how to use moments in his favor.  He starts living a stranger’s life in village. Later on, He has been followed by journalists. Being an escaped murderer, Hiram moves from one place to another across the country. He faces good as well as bad people. Investigative journalists interviewed his family to search him. He writes a biography and wanted his daughter Sophie to publish it.

Later, in his life to hide himself from corps, he start playing harmonica and drums.

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