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Marketing communication

Marketing communication is a combination of advertising, sales promotions, events, public relationships, etc. it may include direct marketing, interactive marketing, word of mouth, personal selling. All of the marketing tools collectively are called marketing communication.

Marketing communication is a term referred to as the tools used to convey the message directly or indirectly. The intention behind these messages is to persuade the customer to buy the product even they do not need it.

Marketing communication is the exchange of information about the goods and services to customers. In other words, marketing communication is used to create brand awareness in the masses. This image building helps to create long-term relationships among customers and the company. Marketing communication is providing services, customer support after-sales. These tools are used to create, sustain the demand for a specific product over others. Creating preferences, over other products is a bit difficult when the market is saturated or the competitors are proactive. One has to proactive, and able to position his product in minds of the people. It takes time, energy, consistency, and commitment. If one lacks any of the traits mentioned, he may not survive in the market as a successful seller. One should remember, establishing preferences, building up customers will impact market share.

Marketing Communication may include

Direct/ Indirect advertising. Advertising is a paid method to spread information about goods or services through television, radio, print media, and online websites. Advertising is the most widely used method in which a complete message is conveyed.

Promotions: short term incentives used to persuade customers for the purchase of the goods and services are called sales promotion.

Events / Exhibitions: Large companies sponsor events such as sports, entertainment, etc. whereas other companies arrange exhibitions.

Public Relations: Social activities are performed to create a positive brand image. Public donations, planting trees, etc are common moves took to build public relations.

Direct Marketing:  use of emails, fax, and telemarketing is used as a tool of direct marketing. This is a way to interact with the prospective customer directly.

Interactive Marketing: interaction and solution of the problems online is called interactive marketing. This is a popular tool for marketing communication.

To be a successful marketing person, one should shorten the sales cycle. The sales cycle includes the identification of customer needs, engagement, delivery of products, and satisfying customers. It takes marketing research and conversations with peers and clients. In the case of high-tech products, a considerable amount of customer education is needed.

Concluding more! There is a huge difference between selling and marketing communication. In the case of selling one’s objective is to sell a specific product whereas marketing communication is creating a healthy, long-term relationship with customers. It is possible that in the short term marketing communication is not profitable but in long term, it is worth then selling.

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