Kulbhushan Jadhav: the most famous person of 2016 was an Indian “Spy” arrested in Pakistan. He was using his dual identity as Hussain Mubarak Patel. He owned properties in India on the same name which is proof of his nationality. He was arrested on March 2016 in Pakistan’s border province Baluchistan. He was a RAW agent and also admitted that he is an ex Indian- naval officer. Pakistan has also released video confession of Kulbhushan Jadhavin 2016. In his confession statement, he was speaking English fluently which shows that he is well qualified and trained spy.

Later it has been proved that He owned small private ships and was operating from Iran’s port Chabahar. India claimed that Jadhavwas arrested in Iran. Iran denied this statement and said that he was arrested in Pakistan,not Iran.Indian claimed Jadhavran a legitimate business from Iran. He was arrested on charges of espionage in Pakistan Indian rejected all the charges against him. On the other hand, Pakistan has given permission toJadhav’sfamily to meet him on humanitarian grounds.

KP assembly anonymously passed a resolution calling for the implementation of the death sentence in May 2017. According to Pakistan Army Act 1923, he was sentenced to death by Field General Court Martial on 10th Apr 2017. The sentence was confirmed by Pakistan Army Chief General QamarJavedBajwa. Pakistan’s Defense Minister Khawaja Asif added that Pakistan will allow no concession to the elements who threatened its security and stability, from inside the country or across the border.

On the other hand,however, Pakistan has been using their arrest as vindication to its stand on an alleged Indian interference to Pakistan’s Baluchistan province. He was involved in espionage and sabotage activities which have been proved later on. He was arrested in Baluchistan, Pakistan. He has confessed to spying of Indian intelligence services. After receiving the death sentence, India continued being awarded diplomatic efforts to save him.

The case has been presented to the international court of justice convicted by military court Pakistan army court given death sentence to him. India took this case to the international court of justice (IJC). The United Nations top court has fixed the date of public hearing on Feb 18to Feb.21, 2019, at the peace palace in The Hague.

The cases between INDIA AND PAKISTAN, India present its argument on 18 February while Pakistan on 19 Feb. Previously ICJ ordered Pakistan to stay the execution of Indian spy Kulbhushan in May 2017.

Discussing more, being a terrorist and spy, the said case does not fall under the Vienna Convention.This was the reason why councilor was not granted access to meet Kulbhushan. His free trial was done under military courts which is also challengeable in any civilian court of Pakistan. India is so much anxious about Kulbhushan because he was not an ordinary spy. He has a strong family background. He is relative of Ajeet Deval, who is famous for his strong intelligence operations. Kulbhushan’sfather served as Mumbai Police Commissioner. He joined National Defense Academy (India) in 1987.  In 1991, he joined the Indian Navy and attained the positional of Naval Commander. This rank is equivalent to Lt.Col.

Concluding more, every country has rights to protect its public. The one who is involved in any terrorist activity is accused of the country. The said country has rights to execute or punish the accused, either he/ she is the country’s national or not.  Indian media is continuously claiming Kulbhushan’sinnocence and not being involved in any terrorist activities. The question arises here that if Kulbhushan was innocent, why he has crossed Pak-Iran border. What he was doing in Baluchistan? Why he has confessed that he was spying for India? On the other hand, Arrest of Kulbhushan is a strong proof, that India is a terrorist state and provides funding to separatists aiming at destabilizing Pakistan. But it keeps on blaming Pakistan for the same.


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