By: Maemuna Sadaf


The map of the Greater Afghanistan movement or “Loy Afghanistan Tehreek” is Afghanistan shows Baluchistan and some areas of KPK as its part. This map has been issued in the past. Now a new map, calendar, and a propaganda video are launched. This new year (hijri) calendar is displayed in Government offices of Ministry of information.

In these calendars, the picture of leader Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) Manzoor Pashteen is also printed on the calendar. The portraits of Ahmad Shah Abdali and Manzoor Pashteen conspicuously show that Afghanistan considers Manzoor Pashteen as their leader as well. Not only this, death dates of Arman Lumani, formation date of PTM, incidents against Pakistan are also mentioned in this calendar.

PTM and Pashteen as Human rights activists are protesting for missing persons. It was discovered later that among many of the missing persons have left Pakistan from their will. These persons mostly left for the training of conducting terrorist activities. Mostly terrorist which have been used against Pakistan were trained either in Afghanistan or India.

The display of these calendars in government offices is clear evidence that Afghanistan is supporting PTM. This is also evidence that the government of Afghanistan completely supports and propagates the cause of Greater Afghanistan.

Discussing more! Afghanistan soil is used against Pakistan in the past. Now, this propaganda in which government offices are involved has been started. Giving Manzor Pashteen a vital place in the propaganda shows that he is also not working for the betterment of Baluchistan.

Concluding more! Those who are supporting PTM and Manzoor Pashteen should open their eyes. They cannot be termed as Pakistani Patriots. Although Afghanistan is a Muslim country but the top-level ministers and government of Afghanistan have joined hands with India against Pakistan. This is eye-opening time for those who acted as an instrument in the hands of those who use them for their benefit.

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