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Defense Budget: The ground realities

By: MaemunaSadaf

Pakistan is blessed with the best geographical situation but unfortunately,it has a long border with India. India has never accepted Pakistan as a separate entity. It has sentiments against Pakistan. Right from independence from the British Empire, both the countries are behaving like worst foes. To safeguard the interests of the country, every country maintainsits army. Pakistan has to maintain a good and professional force to save the country boundaries from foes. India always keeps on engagingan army by violating international rules. Cross border Firing and tension on LoC remains consistent.On the other hand, the Pakistan army is also fighting against terrorism within the country. It has conducted various military operations in different areas of KP and federally administrated areas of the country. Pakistan army plays a vital role in the development of the country as well. In causalities and natural disasters, Pakistan Army remains on for-front in rescue activities. Pakistan army troops also served internationally in peace missions by the UN.

Initially,at the time of independence,the country had less number of the army.The army was also not armed as well. With the passage of time, Pakistan armed forces were developed and now Pakistan army stands on the top professional armies. Pakistan army is now the 6thlargest army in terms of personnel and arms.Pakistan armed forces are increasing their technicalcapabilities day by day. They have proved themselves as best in professionalism in recent tension among India and Pakistan. To increase their capability and keeping themselves up to date with respect to their enemy, they need a budget. Pakistan Armed forces have been targeted for anti-state elements. Pakistan army is criticized for eating up the largest part of the county’s budget. Reality lies in figures that are different from the criticism. The largest Share of the budget is debt servicing. The second largest share is eaten up by the losses of Public sector Enterprises like PIA, The Pakistan Steel Mills, Power sector and Railways. The third largest share is allocated to Public sector Development Program including Federal as well as provincial. The fourth share goes towards “Defense Affairs and Services”. The defense budget is 18% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) whereas 82% of Government expenditures are not defense-related.

Writing more! Pakistan stands on 29th position in terms of per capita income spending on defense. The expenses per soldierare far less than in other countries in the region. According to a report published by The Statistics portal, America, Chine, Saudi Arabia, Russia,and India are on the top of the list of countries that have the highest defense budget. Pakistan is not even in the top 15 in the list.According to a research paper written by Dr.Vijendr Singh (India), India versus Pakistan budget allocation on defense is 5:1. This ratio has been increased over the passage of time. Per capita, defense spending in Pakistan has gradually reduced. Per capita, defense spending was 8.50% of GDP in 1966 whereas it is 18% in 2019. Other countries of the region like Afghanistan spend 14000 US dollars per soldier per annum, whereas Pakistan spends 10,000 US Dollars.

Discussing more! In 2018 India allocated 58 Billion US Dollars (2.1% of GDP) for 1.4 million troops. Whereas Pakistan allocated 11 billion US Dollars of its budget about 3.6% of GDP on 653800 army troops. Other countries like India, Sri-Lanka, Jordan,and Liberia spend higher percentages of their GDP on defense. Pakistan’s information minister said that “the country’s defense budget is already low as compared to other states of the region and therefore it should be increased.

Concluding more! To be prepared for the challenges, it is necessary to maintain a professional army. Defense Budget is not the largest share of the total budget. This myth is created by anti-state elements which should be changed. The reality is far more different as 82% of the country’s budget is allocated in different other sectors.



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