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Kartarpur Corridor: Bringing in Religious Tourism

  By: Maemuna Sadaf Pakistan enjoys ethnical diversity. It has a number of unique historical religious sites of Sufi Shrines, Hindu Temples, Gurdawaras and Buddhist monasteries. British Backpacker Society ranked Pakistan as the world’s top adventure travel destination while Forbes ...

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Material for Self-Healing Smartphones

Roused by Wolverine, a definitive self-recuperating saint, a specialist has made a self-mending polymer that behaviors power. This material may one day be utilized as a part of cell phones that can repair themselves.  WOLVERINE-Roused MATERIAL A scientist motivated by ...

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North Korea gives researchers a chance to look inside unsafe well of lava .

Mount Paektu (additionally called Changbaishan) straddles the fringe in the middle of China and North Korea. An uncommon coordinated effort between North Korean and Western researchers has examined the ground underneath a perilous spring of gushing lava on the Chinese–Korean outskirt. ...

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Over the previous decades, fossil powers have turned into the foundation of the world’s businesses. They have additionally been the main source of man-rolled out atmosphere improvement. Luckily, things are starting to change, as fossil energizes are on the decay ...

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Building a space bomber: Russia

WAR area Extension: Space  Through news site Sputnik, Russia says they are building a mechanical scaled down transport, much like a littler, remote-controlled copy of the Worldwide Space Station—loaded with nukes. The automated plane, like the U.S. Aviation based armed ...

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Future Robots or Electronic Persons

Science fiction likes to portray robots as self-sufficient machines, equipped for settling on their own choices and regularly communicating their own particular identities. However we additionally tend to consider robots property, and as without the sort of rights that we ...

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Would you trust a ROBOT taking care of your children ?

By: Maemuna Sadaf Dispositions towards robots, particularly misleadingly savvy (AI) robots, are blended, best case scenario. As AI innovation develops and robots turn out to be shockingly like no nonsense, thinking living beings, individuals appear to be less and more ...

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