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Want More Out Of Your Life? Learn From Everyone and Everything

Knowledge of living a better life comes from practical life instead of books and schools. In day-to-day life, we go through many experiences, meet different people from different backgrounds and acquaintances. Learning from people around you is increasingly valuable.  Smart ...

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Art and Craft of creative writing

By:Maemuna Sadaf First of all, if one wants to become a writer, He/ She must understand what creative writing is? Understanding before start of writing is more important than anything else.  Creative writing is “telling the untold”, “writing the unwritten”. ...

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Personal Finance Tips and Tricks to follow

 Learn Self Control  The first step to having control of your finance is to keep your finances in order. You should not purchase anything you do not need. Use fewer credit cards. If you can’t control your credit card buying, ...

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Remove Tartar Naturally at Home.

Bring your smile back with natural remedies  First of all, one should know what is Tartar? Tartar is “ hard calcified deposits” that coat teeth and gums by discoloring them. Tartar is an untreated form of plague. Whereas plaque is ...

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Marketing communication

Marketing communication is a combination of advertising, sales promotions, events, public relationships, etc. it may include direct marketing, interactive marketing, word of mouth, personal selling. All of the marketing tools collectively are called marketing communication. Marketing communication is a term ...

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Qualities of an effective researcher

A researcher must hold the qualities given below An Analytical mind A researcher should be open to explore different explanations and outcomes. He should be open minded and easily accepts failures or criticism. A people person To be a good ...

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Lies and Lairs

Lies are destructive and insidious Why people lie and which benefits they get are mentioned below  Liars have a selfish purpose  Lies are intended to benefit the liar and prohibit others from learning the truth Liars know that repetition of ...

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Keep Your Job when You Have Been Out For Quite a Long Time: Step by step instructions

Keeping your job can be viewed as a troublesome  for individuals, especially in the event that one is above forty in age and he has been unemployed for quite a while. There are loads of things that you can do ...

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Study in Sydney Australia

Sydney is a well-known town in Australia. It is also called the place of colleges and universities. The specialized colleges and a lot of private high training and schools have given Sydney fame as “Town of Colleges”. Students of every ...

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Covid-19 impact on Children

  Covid-19 outbreak in China late 2019 has infected 2.2 million people across 185 countries. The wide spread virus caused a lot of deaths. Although children are not susceptible to the virus yet they are at high risk of secondary ...

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