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The Mythic worlds and the one you can believe In by Harold Toliver

he humankind is among the more self-injuring species, shows in accounts of lethal violence calculated in thousand of incidents

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The World Incorporated

Review: The World IncorporatedStanding in future, living in present, you are reading “The World Incorporated”. In the novel “The World Incorporated” there are no boundaries, no governments, the whole world is one. Previously, the world was about to an end ...

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Review: McDewll By William H.Coles The Novel McDewll by William H Coles is a well written novel. Reading along the novel takes you to the real world of behaviors, confrontations, politics and human natures. The main character Hiram is behaving ...

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Betrayal of India: how it exposes India’s Mumbai attack hoax

Pakistan observer 29 june 2018   Discussion on Betrayal of India Book – UK*   https://www.voj.news/betrayal-of-india-how-it-exposes-indias-mumbai-attack-hoax/   http://www.hamariweb.com/articles/article.aspx?id=107476

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India An Apartheid State: By Junaid Ahmed : A review

India An Apartheid State By Junaid Ahmad: A review https://docgo.net/philosophy-of-money.html?utm_source=india-an-apartheid-state-by-junaid-ahmad http://hamariweb.com/articles/104499

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