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Art and Craft of creative writing

By:Maemuna Sadaf

First of all, if one wants to become a writer, He/ She must understand what creative writing is? Understanding before start of writing is more important than anything else.

 Creative writing is “telling the untold”, “writing the unwritten”. It can be a past event linked with present. It can be a fantasy having unusual or imaginative characters. It can be a real story or imaginative.

Secondly, one should know for whom he is writing? Who are the targeted readers? What is the aim of writing? You must know about culture, norms, social behaviors, ways of dressing etc of the specific audience.

Creative writing has two steps

  1. Plot/ Main idea
  2. Building of a Story

Plot of the Story/ Essay

Third comes to the plot/ main idea of the story. Your main idea or plot should be correlated in accordance with the society. Because one behavior is accepted in one society but the same behavior is unacceptable in other.   Plot of story consist of

  1. Characters
  2. Environment/ deep portrayed environmental scene I,e creating interests of readers
  3. Behaviors
  4. Start
  5. Twist
  6. Middle body
  7. Ending

It becomes easier for a new writer to writer main idea on a paper. Make some foot notes without details.

Building of Story.

Like a building which has foundations, walls, roof and decoration. A story has also steps of constructions. The foundation of story is plot or main idea. Walls are the start. Roof is main body and decoration is ending notes.

Let’s elaborate steps of building story/ Drama/essay

  1. Start or beginning of the story

Beginning of the story or drama should be interesting. Usually good dramas include suspense start or interesting start make reader to read or watch. A story with boring start cannot catch reader’s attention. Hence, they are usually rejected.

  • Main body

Main body of any story consists of main idea elaborated with details. The more details are included make it more impressive. Specially, scene creation including details of minor things makes reader indulge in the story. Any idea portrayed in this section gives reader spark to read more. Suspense in this section can be a good addition.

In case of horror stories, this part is much more important. A carefully building of suspense in this part gives success. Horror is never completed without suspense. In fantasy or sweat romance, a little suspense is also required.

In this part, tragedy can be included along with suspense. Mostly, tragic stories comprise of tragic feelings and the one who can explain feelings well in words are the winners.

In other words, this part consists of suspense, tragedy, romance, drama, scenes etc.

  • Ending 

An ending can be happy, sad, can be death or life. A strong ending can make the whole story worth reading. Sometimes a good ending makes a boring story acceptable and readers are attracted towards it. Depending upon thinking of the writer ending must be mesmerizing.

Writing more, some writers, write to satisfy their inner self. They write by heart and sometimes they create very good literature, fiction or poetry. Some write for the society, for the betterment of the society. Some highlight social evils and give suggestions to rectify them. They leave a long lasting impression on societies. In history, writers and poets played a vital role in creating massive mind sets. They contributed in freedom movements and portrayed public feelings. Stories are used to spread ideologies. Some of the poetry revolved around love, tragedy etc. The stories of love are still alive in the minds of people.

For example; Dramas and poetry of Shakespeare are living example of ever living literature. These dramas have strong ideology as well as beautifully written dialogues. The poetry of William Wordsworth is famous for the natural beauty portrayed nicely. People mesmerize during reading and the feeling of being in the scene arises.

Concluding more, Writers can play their role in today’s society by pinpointing social evils and giving suggestion to eliminate this evil. They can bring change in thinking of others. They can bring smiles on faces as well as tearing in the eyes of readers.

The writer should be aimed to make a positive change in the minds of readers. The writing should be strong enough so that reader should start thinking about it.

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