Covid-19 has affected 80% of the world population in one way or other. A large number of people died due to this pandemic others are facing multifold difficulties. Children across the globe are also among affected of the Covid-19. In Pakistan, 25% of the population lives below or under poverty level. For the families living under poverty level child labor has become a necessity. To feed younger siblings the elder have to sacrifice his education for earning.  Among 57.2 million labor force, 19 million are children under the age of 14.These children are mainly inducted in manufacturing industries, agriculture and services mainly as daily wagers. A few among these exposed to children labor are having education as well. Due to quarantines and lock downs, the daily wagers and laborers including children have lost their jobs as well as education.

On the other hand, People living in poor circumstances usually admit their children in Madrasa’s, and NGO run schools. Madra’s provide shelter, religious education and food to their students. 22.80 million Pakistani Children are out of school; this number has increased due to this pandemic. Closure of schools and Madras, children are sent back to homes. Now, beside other financial shocks, these families have to feed the children as well. This situation has added to the difficulties of the poor. These children of these families are more vulnerable to domestic violence.

Writing more! Millions of children in Pakistan do not have internet connection, their educational process is suffering. Ceased healthy activities have affected children psychologically. On the other hand children suffering from Thalasemia are facing difficulty in transmission of blood. Their sufferings have been increased during this lockdown era. The effects of this pandemic on children can be reduced by strengthening country economically and allocation of funds for children.

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